JavaScript XMPP Client

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Add real-time XMPP chat to any web application!

Communication should be immediate, secure, private, and without hurdles. The Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) already provides the first three. But in today's world, most users will be in the browser, so even the most basic application installation can be a major hurdle.

JSXC to the rescue: Just add a few simple lines to your web site or web application, and your users can immediately communicate over your organisation's XMPP server. Providing the most commonly used XMPP client functionality in an easy package, JSXC will improve collaboration among your employees, simplify communications, and get questions answered quicker.

JSXC is a first implementation of the WISEchat paradigm.

Main Features

  • Full-featured XMPP client in the browser, no client installation required
  • Easy integration into your existing web page or application
  • Interaction with your web page, e.g. making Jabber IDs active
  • Uninterrupted browsing among JSXC-enhanced pages
  • One-to-one chats, optionally with end-to-end encryption (OTR) and user verification (SMP)
  • End-to-end encrypted audio and video calls from Firefox and Chrome without plugin
  • A growing number of international languages supported
  • Event notifications with sound if browser/tab inactive (not yet supported in Internet Explorer)
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