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Test drive JSXC

If you would like to have a quick spin with JSXC, try our Online-Demo or install the app into your ownCloud/Nextcloud setup. This app comes with a built-in XMPP server, just good enough to run JSXC in your domain. Of course, you can also connect it to a real XMPP server, if you have one (see next step).

Quick start

with JSXC and Nextcloud

If you like to run JSXC with Nextcloud on a Raspberry Pi at home, we have a quick setup guide for you in our wiki. Do you need more information? Check out our detailed installation instruction.


Get prepared


Take the next step

You can add JSXC (core) manually to every web application, or you can use one of our preconfigured packages.

Core JSXC JSXC for Nextcloud JSXC for SOGo

Further packages*

A JSXC plugin is available for the Openfire XMPP server that will automatically make available a suitably configured instance of JSXC.

If you want to try out JSXC as included in the current development version of Diaspora*, follow the Diaspora* team's guide.

There is also an unmaintained package for Ilias, an installation manual for WordPress and a package for Roundcube.

* These packages are not mainted by the JSXC core team.


Just before an incredible experience

If you are using one of the above packages, please checkout the corresponding guide for Nextcloud or SOGo.

Do you want to integrate JSXC into your own web application? No problem. Follow our installation guide.


Give something back

There are plenty of ways to give something back to the open source community. In our contributor guide you find a couple of them for JSXC and no matter which you choose, we appreciate every help!


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