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BOSH server not reachable

There are two main reasons why you can not reach your BOSH server:

  1. Reason: Your BOSH server does not work correctly.
    Test: Use another XMPP client, like Pidgin to verify that your HTTP binding is working as expected.
    Solution: Fix your configuration ;-).
  2. Reason: You are violating the browser same-origin-policy (SOP), which prevents cross-side requests between sites with different domains or ports (protocols).
    Test: Open your JavaScript console and look for errors.
    Solution 1: Enable CORS for your BOSH server. Enabled by default in ejabberd; Prosody needs cross_domain_bosh = true. If you have a modified content-security-policy (as used in ownCloud), then add your BOSH domain to the default-src section.
    Solution 2: Create a proxy as described in our Apache setup guide.



"Jabber ID", from the initial name of XMPP. The ID used for identifying XMPP users, c.f. the user manual's Introduction section.


Off-The-Record messaging; a mechanism to model secure communication along the lines of a personal, private discussion. It provides repudiation, i.e., any party can later plausibly deny to third parties they did not say this.


Socialist Millionaires Protocol; a user-friendly protocol to mutually authenticate two humans who already share some information.


Web-Integrated, Secure, Enhanced Chat; the concept of enabling secure multi-media communications directly from the web browser. JSXC is our implementation of this concept.


Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol, formerly known as Jabber; an Internet standard and open protocol for instant messaging. The XMPP servers by default automatically build a federation, allowing presence information and messages being shared by users according to their privacy preferences, reducing the impact of security breaches.

In most organizations, the XMPP username ("JID") corresponds to the (mnemonic) email address, reducing the need to remember additional (non-mnemonic) telephone numbers, even for audio conversations, and thus paving the way toward real Unified Communications. More information can be found in the user manual.


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