Managed Server

Managed Server

XMPP hosting by JSXC

Beta service! This service is currently in testing stage and only available for OJSXC >= 3.3.0.

You like to have your own full-blown XMPP server, without to hassle with the installation and maintenance of a server? Good news for you: JSXC will host your XMPP server for free*.

You can get your own XMPP server in 4 easy steps:

  • Go to the Nextcloud app store and manually install the "JavaScript XMPP Chat" 3.3.0 beta
    (once 3.3.0 final is released, you can just click "Install" in your Nextcloud "Apps" page)
  • In Nextcloud, open the admin page for JSXC
  • Select "Managed"
  • Click "Register" and you are done. 20 to 30 seconds later, you will be notified that everything has been set up. Congratulations to your XMPP domain!

*up to 20 users per domain during beta test

Screenshot registration


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a real XMPP server?

Yes. You will get your own virtual host on our ejabberd XMPP server installation.

Which XMPP domain will I get?

We will use your Nextcloud domain as subdomain of For example, if use for your Nextcloud installation, your XMPP domain will be, if that name is still available; otherwise a related name will be chosen, such as or something, in that order.

Can I use other clients?

As we said, you will get a full-blown XMPP server and this means you can use every XMPP client. Try Pidgin, Gajim or Conversations. Tip: Use app passwords.

Is this safe?


  • We do not have access to your Nextcloud data and all XMPP connections from JSXC will use time-limited tokens, so we will not be able to obtain your password.
  • If you use a third-party client, we recommend to use app passwords (and disable file access, just in case).
  • We use encrypted connections everywhere. In fact, the process of obtaining the certificats for your new XMPP domain take up the largest part of the registration waiting time. score

Is this federated and what the hack is federated?

Federated means you are able to communicate with every other XMPP user if they support server-to-server communication. It is like email and yes, our XMPP server supports this. So can communicate with or any other XMPP-enabled domain, and vice versa.

Are there really no constraints?

Ok, you caught us. Our service does not yet work if you use email addresses as user IDs in Nextcloud, but we are working on this.

Issue Tracker

How to report bugs

Please use our issue tracker to report bugs and suggestions for improvements.


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