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XMPP Cloud Authentication now available as Debian package

Federated services are elegant and powerful. Anybody can select the service they want, using a provider they trust, or even consider operating the service themselves. (This is similar to chosing an email service.) The power of federated services comes from all the service operators being able to cooperate. (I.e., an user with email provider 1 can send mails to provider 2's users and back.)

It is our dedication to make proliferation of federated services as easy as possible. XMPP Cloud Authentication's goal is to make authentication as easy as possible, if there is a Nextcloud instance available. The user information can be used to authenticate XMPP and mail servers, among other things, greatly simplifying administration.

As of today, you can install XMPP Cloud Authentication not only via git or from .zip or .tar.gz packages, but also as the xcauth deb package.

The repository is nightly, with updated installation instructions:


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