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V3.0.1 Released

Today we announce the first bug fix release of jsxc, jsxc.sogo and jsxc.owncloud 3.0.

In this release we mainly improved multi-tab support and fixed some login issues in the Owncloud/Nexcloud version. As you may noticed the Ilias support is dropped because of too little interest. On the other hand this is the first release which supports SOGo v3. Compared to the last beta, this release fixes a MUC configuration and multiple UI issues in the SOGo v3 version.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to JSXC and keep up the good work, because the next feature release will contain some awesome stuff!



  • add room configuration in master tab
  • improve muc multi tab support
  • update/add languages: zh, pt, hu, pl, es, pt
  • use user preferred browser languages
  • remove inline styles

Bug fixes

  • fix multi-tab support
  • fix uncaught type error on login
  • fix second call issue
  • fix option retrieval
  • fix auto-accept
  • fix the answer to anything
  • fix boolean muc configurations

Developer changes

  • allow selector for options.logoutElement
  • attach also with parameters from options.xmpp


  • fix invalid argument
  • use regex to match full id instead of only letters (internal chat server)
  • allow port number in BOSH url for csp
  • fix login without chat link
  • force login form

If you find bugs, please report them to github.


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