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V3.2.0 Beta Released

A couple of days ago we released the first beta of jsxc and jsxc.nextcloud 3.2.0 beta 1.

This feature release will fix a lot of bugs and bring the long awaited Message Archive Management (XEP-0313) to retrieve conversations from your XMPP server. To activate this enhancement you have to set man.enable = true or enable MAM in your personal JSXC settings (bottom right gear > Settings). In parallel we developed a XMPP-*Cloud-Authentication module for Ejabberd/Prosody which allows you to use your *Cloud as authentication backend. To get rid of password retyping in the future, we already implemented what we call time-limited tokens. Those tokens can be generated from every trusted server and can be used as password, but only for an defined time. More on this topic at relevant time.

As usual, give this beta release a really good test and report bugs to our issue tracker and translate missing segments on webtranslateit.

Thanks to everyone who contributed. Klaus thumbs up



  • #150 add Message Archive Management (XEP-0313)
  • #464 respond to software version request (XEP-0092)


  • #447 fix muc member presence
  • fix http upload discovery
  • fix vcard retrieval for rooms
  • fix bookmarks
  • #470 fix receiving message from unknown sender
  • #483 fix unclickable space
  • catch quota exceeded errors (e.g. Safari in private mode has a quota of 0)


  • update strophe.jinglejs
  • make max file size optional for http upload service
  • #480 split avatar loading into chunks
  • #478 support roster versioning
  • prefer xmpp password from settings over login form
  • #468 move composing message to window header




  • #455 fix login with different credentials


  • use css to manipulate ui
  • #436 hide roster on login screen

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