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V3.1.0 Released

We are proud to announce the release of jsxc, jsxc.owncloud, jsxc.nextcloud and jsxc.sogo 3.1.

This release will add 3 new XMPP Extension Protocols (XEP), the long-awaited possibility to share your screen with your contact and a lot of minor improvements. For a full list of changes, see our change log below. We recommend to update as soon as possible.

If you find bugs report them to our issue tracker and translate missing segments on webtranslateit.

Thanks to everyone who contributed. thumbs up

(Please don't get confused by the first bug fix release, but it was necessary, because shortly after releasing 3.1.0 we detected a build failure.)



  • add application states
  • #393 add the me command (XEP-0245)
  • #422 add multiline message support
  • #431 add Chat State Notifications (XEP-0085)
  • #426 add file transfer via HTTP File Upload (XEP-0363)
  • add Turkish
  • #438 add desktop sharing
  • add nextcloud emoticon nextcloud emoticon
  • #301 add close all button for notices
  • #344 support messages of type headline
  • add icon to notices


  • fix login form submission
  • fix display of muc warning
  • #391 fix muc initialisation after relogin
  • #394 disable otr for muc conversations
  • #399 prompt for muc password if required
  • #435 fix list of user name suggestions
  • #433 fix i18n interpolation pattern
  • fix minor webrtc issues
  • #440 prevent login form submission
  • #441 remove console.trace
  • #409 fix presence after accepting contact request
  • fix template system
  • fix path to strophe.bookmarks (regression)
  • fix disabled login form
  • fix carbon copy impersonation vulnerability (CVE-2017-5589+)
  • ignore malicious roster updates (similar to CVE-2014-0364)
  • prevent double insertion of MUC setting


  • update dependencies
  • #385 update i18next
  • improve initial focus for login box
  • add large emoticons
  • #421 make muc server field editable
  • system message style
  • disable sending of otr whitespace tag by default
  • enable carbon copies by default
  • remove border radius from dialog
  • exclude dev dependencies from build
  • move jquery library to example folder
  • omit unreadable OTR messages


  • fix untrimmed settings
  • ignore empty webrtc configuration
  • do not start jsxc inside a frame
  • add option to use user email as jid

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