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V3.3.0 Released

We are proud to announce the release of jsxc and jsxc.nextcloud 3.3.0.

This release will enhance JSXC with automatic reconnection, external service discovery for ICE server information and some beneficial bug fixes. The Nextcloud version will integrate tighter with Nextcloud by adding chat information to the contact menu and significant improvements of the internal server. We are also proud to announce that we offer you free XMPP hosting for small Nextcloud installations. You like to run your own XMPP server and use your existing Nextcloud user management? Look at XMPP cloud auth for Prosody and Ejabberd. We also published a Prosody module to extend your roster with your Nextcloud group contacts.

Thanks to everyone who contributed and tested the beta releases. Specially to Yoshi, who translated JSXC into Japanese.



  • API to retrieve last message
  • #567 add external service discovery for ice server retrieval
  • #574 add automatic login
  • add debugging API
  • add Japanese
  • support mam:1


  • fix unlimited max size for http file upload
  • #552 fix muc selection dialog
  • #569 fix uncaught type error
  • #588 fix calculation of capability hash
  • reset http upload settings for new connection
  • test for valid jid on roster response
  • ignore roster pushes with no or more than one item element


  • #473,#555,#593 update strophe.jinglejs
  • #591 update strophe.disco.js
  • update jsxc emoticon - update jsxc emoticon
  • update locales - update locales
  • #597 include jid in chat window title
  • more restrictive xml body query



  • #28 add admin section icon to NC 12
  • #23 support user@domain Nextcloud usernames for XMPP Cloud Auth
  • #21 extend NC contact menu
  • add logging of stanzas (internal)
  • update roster when user is created, deleted or changed (internal)
  • add command to refresh roster of all users (internal)
  • #36 add sharedroster operation to external API
  • #37 add registration form for managed server service (beta)
  • #38 allow authentication with app passwords via external API
  • add pre-commit hook template
  • roster install repair step (internal)
  • #50 add icon to personal settings
  • #50 add personal section


  • #24 fix prefer mail address to login
  • #19 fix inaccurate presence (internal)
  • fix presence when muliple users go offline (internal)
  • fix loading of avatars (internal)
  • clean up chat data after an user got removed (internal)
  • #35 fix message exchange (internal)
  • fix multiple php warnings
  • use system value to determine jsxc environment
  • refresh-roster command (internal)
  • #55 fix query for predefined core services


  • update jsxc to v3.3.0 (change log)
  • drop support for NC 9
  • set internal server as default for new installations
  • move api secret generation to app.php
  • #39 transfer all ajax endpoints to controller
  • update phpunit to 5.7
  • update npm dependencies
  • use codecov
  • #46 use php-cs-fixer to be PSR-2 compliant
  • #54 allow plain usernames without domain for sharedRoster
  • jsxc/jsxc#519 consider preferMail option in contact menu
  • abort if a NC dependency is missing
  • use minified js in production environment
  • reduce number of login attempts for external api
  • support multiple ice urls


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