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V3.3.1 Released

A couple of days ago we released jsxc and jsxc.nextcloud 3.3.1. This bug fix release solves some regressions and misbehaviours discovered in the previous release.



  • #613 fix online status for cached rosters
  • #616 handle connection failure with login box
  • clean up login box handler
  • #618 fix scrollable window height
  • #618 limit number of received mam messages to 30
  • include reason for connection failure on event
  • #628 fix broken otr submodule entry
  • reset restore state after logout
  • #615 add storage cleaner migration step
  • #602 prevent multiple connections with jsxc.start



  • fix shared roster retrieval in NC<12
  • fix position of chat icon
  • #72 fix password confirmation
  • allow @ in usernames (internal)
  • fix roster push (internal)
  • omit disabled users from roster (internal)
  • escape usernames (internal)
  • fix relogin (internal)


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