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XMPP Cloud Authentication v2.0 released

We are happy to announce the release of version 2.0 of our XMPP Cloud Authentication xcauth.

The major version bump comes with several big changes:

  1. More flexible and powerful authentication
  2. Easier installation
    1. Better documentation (quick setup, XMPP compliance, general updates)
    2. Clear distinction between source code and installation
    3. make install targets and .deb installation files
  3. Better performance
    1. Running as a daemon
    2. Smaller footprint through single process
    3. Faster startup through persistent daemon and SystemD socket activation
  4. Refreshed data storage
    1. Switching to single SQLite3 database
    2. Simpler interface to the data (better documented)
    3. Option for fast in-memory caching
  5. More reliable
    1. More test cases, including system tests

You can download the latest release or use the .deb package repository at (stable or nightly).

If you would like to learn more: We will be

this weekend in Berlin at the Nextcloud Conference. Please join us there!

Authentication Hub: System Diagram


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