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XMPP Cloud Authentication v2.0.2 released

We are happy to announce the release of version 2.0.2 of our XMPP Cloud Authentication xcauth.

Based on the feedback from the excellent workshop with excited and exciting participants at Nextcloud Conference 2018, we made the installation and setup even more comfortable and complete.

Shared Roster Groups

When using xcauth with ejabberd, activating Shared Roster Groups requires just the deletion of a single comment character. Shared Roster Groups make JSXC and XMPP much more user-friendly: You will automatically have all the users in your groups visible in your roster. This greatly simplifies getting started.



You can download the latest release or use the .deb package repository at (stable or nightly).

When setting up a new server, just follow our Debian and/or Raspberry Pi setup documentation, also available in German.

Changes in v2.0.2


  • Have a valid default type= in /etc/xcauth.conf to reduce required configuration steps
  • xcrestart stops xcauth.service as well before restarting the sockets
  • xcrestart tries to fix permission problems (xcauth is sometimes manually before it as a test, creating DB and log with the wrong user ID)
  • xcrestart is more verbose on what it does, as a weak replacement for a man page
  • Support for running ejabberdctl through sudo (to allow user xcauth to modify the shared roster related stuff)
  • Prosody modules are installed "almost ready" in /usr/lib/prosody/modules (pseudolpty.lua ready for action, our mod_auth_external.lua as *-xcauth-version as not to interfere with Prosody's version. To activate it, the admin needs to rename it.
  • ejabberd example configuration files from our Debian setup, not only for the Raspberry Pi are now installed as /etc/ejabberd/*-xcauth-example to simplify the installation.


  • Changed permissions for /var/log/xcauth (logrotate would refuse to work on it)
  • Add dependency on python3-bsddb3 and pyton3-systemd


  • Obsoleted

Authentication Hub: System Diagram


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