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V4.0.0 Beta1 Released

Today we release the first public beta of JSXC 4.0 core and for Nextcloud. This means we are one step closer to the final release of JSXC 4.0 which brings a lot of goodies, like OMEMO, MUC invitation, voice-only calls and more.

There are 108 commits between this release and the first alpha. We mainly fixed bugs and caught up to 3.x, but we also provide some enhancements like avatars for MUC rooms, mute indicator and you can specify your storage backend.

The biggest change was the redesign of our public API. Instead of a function based approach, you now have to create an JSXC instance to access most of the functionality. This prevents developers to call functions before JSXC is initialized, which is specially important for the new storage option, because virtually every action is using the storage backend. You find an example in our installation guide.

As usually we kindly ask everyone to test this release and report issues to our tracker and translate JSXC on webtranslateit.


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