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V4.1.0 Released

Our first feature release for the 4.x branch is enhancing the multi client usability tremendously by implementing XEP-0333: Chat Markers. This XMPP extensions allows supported clients to synchronise the read state, and shows you if someone has received or seen a message. Thanks to @dommaes who was working on this nice extension.

Through the work of @pussbb you have now the possibility to explain things during a screen sharing session.

There are plenty of other smaller and bigger features and fixes, which make the use of JSXC even more pleasant. See the changelog below for more details.

You can download the release as usual from the JSXC or JSXC for Nextcloud release page.

A special thank you for all people who contributed code or reported bugs. Thank you.



  • wait 2 sec before marking msg as read
  • mark message only as read if client is visible
  • include jquery in build
  • #871 add minimize button to video dialog
  • show only chat messages in roster, no system messages
  • sort roster by last message
  • implement partially xmpp uri scheme, message and join
  • multi account support
  • improve new device handling (omemo)
  • mark messages as not transferred
  • encrypt file transfer (omemo)
  • show file transfer progress
  • #683 add plugin meta data
  • show avatar placeholder while offline
  • add audio stream to screen sharing call
  • #745 implemented chat markers (XEP-0333)


  • fix republishing of lost device id (omemo)
  • fix bundle structure (omemo)
  • xmpp attach failure results in start failure
  • disable video handler for rooms
  • fix support for anonymous accounts
  • ui init for accounts without contacts
  • room member list (muc)
  • sound imports
  • chat history flickering
  • fix interface for disco info repo
  • fix undefined error (me-command)
  • fix some custom emoticons
  • html escaping in remove dialog
  • #865 disappearing muc sender name
  • show avatar for historical muc msg
  • mark chat windows with partial subscription
  • fix fullscreen button
  • bump max supported version for all plugins
  • suppress chat state msg for unknown sender
  • fix dialog for message from unknown sender
  • restore notices on reload
  • unread message sync
  • remove mailto prefix from mail link
  • fix roster badge on fullscreen
  • handle failed RTC peer config request
  • show notifications only for incoming messages
  • show notifications for group messages
  • do not overwrite trust level (omemo)


  • show webpack progress
  • update locales
  • use eval source map for dev
  • update dependencies
  • enhance release process
  • improve pre commit hook
  • remove unused code
  • remove unused roster functions
  • update travis script
  • enhance muc member badge
  • change color of messages
  • improve fullscreen layout
  • highlight unknown device in list (omemo)


Message was read, received, transferred:

Screenshot message state


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