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Jsxc Desktop

There are many XMPP clients out there, but only a few are working on all platforms (Windows, macOS, Linux) and nearly no one is open source and has as many features as JSXC. Therefore we present the first experimental JSXC build for your desktop. Under the hood we are using Electron to support as many operating systems as possible. Currently you are required to use [BOSH] to connect to your XMPP server, but we plan to change this in one of the further releases. We are currently specially looking for Apple tester, if our build is running on Macs as well, because we don't own any Apple devices. So if you have time, please download our latest release and write us a short issue about your experience.

Do you have experience with Electron Builder and Travis? It would be nice if you could help us to improve the build process. Just open a pull request, or write an email to Klaus.

Here are some nice screenshots, taken on Ubuntu Focal:

Screenshot JSXC Desktop large Screenshot JSXC Desktop large with chat window Screenshot JSXC Desktop small Screenshot JSXC Desktop small with chat window


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