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V4.2.0 Released

The second feature release of the 4.x branch brings you a dark theme, server-to-client pings and the ability to past images into a conversation. Of course there are also some bug fixes and performance improvements.

You can download the release as usual from the JSXC or JSXC for Nextcloud release page.

A special thank you for all people who contributed code or reported bugs. Thank you.



  • add option to disable automatic reconnect on page load
  • #889 add xmpp ping (server-to-client) plugin
  • #771 add dark theme and css vars
  • use icon font for most used icons
  • #856 add image paste feature (#948)


  • #955 duplicate message when load mam (#955)
  • delete device list on refresh (omemo)
  • #933 fix icon if someone leaves a muc room
  • #873 fix chat window width


  • update lang
  • update dependencies
  • highlight only contacts without subscription
  • upgrade to node 12


  • SASS variables will be removed in one of the next releases. Use css variables instead.


Light theme:

Screenshot light theme

Dark theme:

Screenshot light theme


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